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  • Teacher Application Process

    VIPKID Jobs - English Teacher - Job Application

    VIPKID Jobs, Online Teacher Application


    Click on the "Apply" button below, fill out the online form, and submit your electronic application today!

    VIPKID Jobs to be an Online English Teacher


    Choose One:

    1. Conduct a live interview with a demo class (Experienced teachers)

    2. Record a demo class lesson

    VIPKID Jobs Certified You to be an Online Teacher


    No Fail Zone!

    Get certified in one or more categories to begin teaching students

    Obtaining certifications increases the number of students you can teach.

    VIPKID Jobs Application Process, Sign, Set, Teach and Earn


    Sign your contract, set your schedule, and begin teaching classes!

  • VIPKID Job Requirements

    Online English Teacher - Apply Today - Earn Tomorrow

    For VIPKID Jobs, a Bachelor's degree is required


    Have a bachelor's degree in any subject.

    Current students should only upload transcripts / diplomas after


    A job with VIPKID requires a flexible 1yr experience, every teaching jobs counts!


    Apply if you're good with kids and tell us how!

    2 years of flexible experience with kids and teaching.

    Tutoring, teaching your kids, volunteering, or mentoring are great examples.


    VIPKID Jobs require, legally be able to work in the USA or Canada


    Be legally eligible to work in the United States or Canada.

    VIPKID Jobs Application Tips for Career Advancement

    Application Tips

    Apply your 2+ years of experience teaching kids

    Even informal experience counts!

    • "I taught 8-year-olds kids after school"
    • "I volunteer for in-school programs."
    • "I taught kids the ABC's while their parents were at work."

    Graduating Seniors need a Bachelor's degree

    You can upload docs, sign your contract, and begin teaching once you graduate!


    Entered the wrong information?

    Apply again with a new email address!


    Additional tips for passing the interview!

  • Update! Common Application Errors

    We are seeing a lot of teachers miss out on teaching with VIPKID because of these simple entry errors!


    You can correct the Basic Info later in the interview process,

    But you have to enter these values to even pass onto the Information Page.

    VIPKID Education Level Indicator, Bachelors Degree, list of degrees on white background

    Bachelor's Degree

    If you are about to graduate,

    indicate you already have.


    Your information is not verified until you upload your documents.


    You can pass the demo class, prepare your materials and then upload your diploma once you graduate.


    Otherwise, you will not be able to start the process before graduation.

    VIPKID Experience Level Indicator, 2 years, list of degrees on white background



    Everyone who is good with kids has 2 years of teaching experience or more!


    What is most important is that you can engage and educate children.


    Find 2 years of experience in your background.


    "I taught elementary school-age children to read and write in English. We also practiced phonics with neutral English accents."

    Location: "ABC Elementary School, USA"

  • Apply Today

    Travel the world or teach from home!

  • Teacher Interview and Demo

    Advice and Insights

    Research how top VIPKID teachers teach their students


    Watch the expert videos below

    After submitting the online application, dramatically improve your demo by watching the videos below!



    Spend time getting ready to wow during the online teacher interview


    Make sure you're ready

    Ensure your background is exciting, your incentives are fun, and your internet connection is strong.

    VIPKID Jobs require, say each vocab word 3 times during the online teacher application and demo


    Students learn by repetition

    Make sure all key vocab words are repeated at least 3x times! Correct errors in grammar or phonics quickly and ensure students say the words correctly.

    Smile so much VIPKID cannot help but make you an online English teacher


    Add Energy and Clapping!

    Make sure you SMILE way more than you think is natural! Engage the student and enjoy teaching them.

    Don't get discouraged, practice and try again incorporating VIPKID's feedback


    Few pass the very first time!

    VIPKID uses the application and demo as a way of sculpting their new teachers. Incorporate the feedback from the first interview or demo into a strong second try!

  • VIPKID Jobs: Questions and Answers

    Want you want to know, answered by VIPKID teachers and experts

    VIPKID Teach Online Logo orange background with white lettering

    Is VIPKID a real company?

    Yes, VIPKID is a real company offering real jobs and teaching careers . Essentially, VIPKID is an online English teaching platform where qualified teachers from the United States and Canada teach children from China, South Korea, and (coming soon) from around the world. You can make a real difference in a child's life by teaching them online.

    VIPKID job description, pencil on blue background

    VIPKID Job Description:

    Teaching with VIPKID is basically a Skype call with a young international student. VIPKID creates all the materials you need for each lesson. With VIPKID you login, have fun helping a student with their English grammar, reading, and speaking, and earn money online.

    Contact a VIPKID recruiter with any questions, orange dino with a "good job" sign

    How much does VIPKID pay?

    A VIPKID teacher can make $20 - $24 per hour when they teach two classes. Teaching online for 20 hours per week, a teacher can make $1600 per month.

    VIPKID pays online teachers $20-$28 per hour, green money icon on gray background

    How long are the classes?

    Each VIPKID class is 25 minutes long. Teaching two classes in one hour is very doable.

    VIPKID teachers set their online schedules each week, white calendar icon with blue background

    Can I set my own schedule?

    VIPKID teachers set their own schedules each week. Teachers open 25-minute blocks for when they will be available and then parents book the time of their favorite teachers. Peak teaching time during the week is after school in Beijing, between 5 pm and 9 pm China Standard Time. Many students also take classes throughout the weekend and classes are very likely to be booked during this period.

    VIPKID English teachers can work remotely, white earth icon on a blue background

    Can VIPKID teachers really teach from anywhere?

    Yes! VIPKID English teachers can teach online anywhere with a strong wifi signal. Teachers essentially only need a laptop, an engaging background, rewards, teaching materials, and proper lighting to teach online.

    Europe and Asia time zones are especially good for teaching (and traveling).

    VIPKID jobs are online English teachers

    What is a VIPKID Job?

    VIPKID jobs are English teaching jobs where you make money online, working from home. A VIP kid job pays $20hr, offers flexible hours, and is as easy as a Skype call. VIPKID makes all of the lesson plans fun, interactive and are written for you. With VIPKID you can travel the world, make money online, and teach English online one-on-one to kids from China, South Korea and soon the world.

    Contact a VIPKID recruiter with any questions, orange dino with a "good job" sign

    How else can we help you?

    Contact a VIPKID teacher to have all of your questions answered. You may also request interview and demo class support from the teacher as well.

  • VIPKID Application Research

    Watch These To Improve Your Teacher Application

    Sample Class


    Key TPR

    High Energy and Smile!

    Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

    Classroom Setup

  • Shhh! Secrets to Passing VIPKIDs Interview

    Final tips from our teachers and experts!

    VIPKID Careers is an online teaching job, link to youtube on how to pass the demo class

    Mimic this video!


    From the greeting to reading just the words on the PPT slides, you will pass the demo class if you copy this teacher verbatim.

    Just repeat what they are saying and how they are saying it for your demo slides!

    VIPKID Background and Props for online teaching, colorful items on whiteboards

    Be Colorful

    Background, Props, and Whiteboard

    Set up an engaging background, have fun props and rewards, and use a whiteboard to keep your students excited to learn!




    VIPKID Jobs require proper lighting

    Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

    Proper lighting is key!

    Make sure you use proper lighting to ensure your face and background are well-lit and without shadows.

  • Apply Today

    Travel the world or teach from home!

  • Purchase Must-Have Teaching Tools

    Teacher Recommended - Verified by Research - Supplied by Our Partners


    All products were recommended by multiple expert teachers, verified by professional research, and tested against equivalent options.

    Links are provided for ease, functionality and source viability only.

    VIPKID recommends this headset with a boom mic

    A headset with a boom microphone is a must have.

    This simple and effective model is enough for most teachers.
    It has soft ear pads, noise canceling controls, and is durable for travelers.


    VIPKID recommends this LED Ring Light

    You need a light. Period.

    Without a light, your face will always have a shadow and parents will complain.

    This 36 LED light is inexpensive but still bright enough to keep you well-lit. Lightweight and perfect for world travelers or home use.

    VIPKID recommends this wireless mouse

    Teaching without a mouse detracts from your lesson quality.

    Clicking, underlining, and circling using your computer can become very distracting to kids. This wireless mouse continues to rock for our teachers and has become a teaching staple.

    VIPKID recommends this folding computer stand

    Don't look down at your kids while teaching!

    This foldable computer stand is highly recommended for everyone to ensure proper screen angle and is a must have for traveling teachers.

    VIPKID recommends this magnetic dry erase board

    Magnetic - just like your smile!

    Communicate clearly and showcase your materials with ease with this important teaching tool. You need a place for your printouts, rewards, and energizers. This is the board that delivers.

  • VIPKID recommends this headset with a boom mic

    Headset description.

    • Ideal for all-day use
    • Design for the way you work
    • Built better for business, by design
    • Meeting the needs of office professionals and IT alike.

    broken image

    • On-Ear volume control and mute button.
    • Custom tuned crystal clear sound.
    • Compatible with Windows Sonic sound
    • Plush memory foam with adjustable ear cups

    broken image

    • Uncompromising sound quality
    • Premium memory foam earpads
    • Hyper-fast gaming-grade wireless
    • Broadcast-grade detachable microphone
    • Premium lightweight construction
    • Wide device compatibility

  • VIPKID recommends this LED Ring Light

    New Fashion Trend


    It comes with remote control and a touch screen control


    162 piece LED lamp pieces


    10 dimmable bright pieces.

    broken image

    Good Lighting Makes All the Difference


    • 5.4 inch Surface with 263 LED Bulbs
    • 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control
    • Bluetooth Shutter
    • Superior Aluminum Alloy Tripod

    broken image

    High-Quality Ring Light

    • 3 Colors & 10 Dimmable Brightness
    • 2 Phone Holders & Q29 Pan-tilt
    • Touch Screen Control
    • 3 Mode of control

  • Showcase Your Classroom

    Be Remembered - Backgrounds and Tools

    VIPKID Recommends this poster packet for your VIPKID classroom

    Clever Beginners

    Poster Packet

    VIPKID Recommends these posters for your VIPKID classroom


    Poster Packet

    VIPKID Recommends these wall posters


    Poster Packet

    VIPKID Recommends this poster packet for your VIPKID classroom

    High Rated

    Poster Packet

    VIPKID Recommends this map for your VIPKID classroom

    Canada Map

    VIPKID Recommends this map for your VIPKID classroom

    World Map

    VIPKID Recommends this map for your VIPKID classroom

    USA Map

    VIPKID Recommends this map for your VIPKID classroom

    Global Traveler's Single Background

    Large World Map

    VIPKID Recommends these strips for your classroom posters

    Poster Strips

    VIPKID Recommends these hooks for your classroom

    Approved Hooks

    VIPKID Recommends these strips for your classroom posters

    Hook Refills

    VIPKID Recommends these dry erase markers for your classroom

    Dry Erase Markers

    VIPKID Recommends these magnets for your classroom


    VIPKID Recommends these hangers for your classroom

    Poster Hangers